It Works Reviews – Trying That Crazy Body Wrap Thing

It Works! Huh, Does It? Let's See In This Review 

(Updated on September 22, 2018)

It Works… but does it really work?

Sorry for the pun, tried to avoid it, was too enticing! :D

So with that said, hey girls!

It’s Bonny here, and on this fine morning, we’re going to slice and dice the increasingly popular “body wrap” brand, you know, that crazy body wrap thing by – It Works!

I’ll review it for you below plus we’ll see some (really nasty) It Works reviews (and complaints) by other buyers.

Here’s the usual table of content if you wish to jump to sections.

1. What Is "It Works" (the company/products, etc.)

It Works, based out of headquarters located in Bradenton, Florida; is a US-based fitness company that sells products for body and skin wellness. The company is widely recognized for its product called -The Ultimate Body Applicator.

So what does this Ultimate Body Applicator do and how does it work?

Before we get into that, let me just get into the company details first, trust me, this is going to be useful later.

So, It Works was formed in 2001 when the current CEO of It Works, Mark Pentecost, came across a product that was seemingly an alternative to cosmetic surgery, body shaping tummy tuckers and the like.

Since then, this product marketed by Mark and his wife, Cindy Pentecost, has gained worldwide popularity.

Besides marketing products that help you lose weight, the company also has a line of skin care products. Furthermore, the company also makes its money off of selling protein shakes and dietary supplements (I mean who doesn’t have their own supplement these days, eh!?). 

So all in all, the company's products sounds like your typical trending things in the market that everyone wants to jump on to (and push to their neighbors!).

2. But, Will It Works & The Body Wrap Really Help You?

To answer this question, let’s discuss their highest selling product – The Ultimate Body Applicator. Now, if the name isn't self-explanatory enough, it is a product that you apply to lose weight.

ultimate body applicator

However, the company fails to say it anywhere on the product. (or is it a deliberate attempt? Coz if you don't say "weight loss" specifically, you open many promotional channels not otherwise available to "weight loss" products! So... did they forget, or...)

Instead, the body wrap is solely advertised as - you can achieve tightening, toning and firming results’.

I guess another reason would be that the FDA will own their a$$ if they advertise this as a weight loss product without scientific backing (Which.They.Don't! More soon).

However, even though the product is marketed brilliantly, I don’t remember the last time a product helped me achieve any results while I sat with my bowl of popcorn and my laptop balancing on my belly. Nope, it really doesn’t work that way folks, c’mon, you know better by now.

To elaborate further, the Ultimate Body Applicator (let’s simply call it the body wrap from now on) is a “non-woven cloth wrap” that has a biological lotion on one side.

One pack of this product comes with one such wrap that you open and simply apply on the designated area where you’d like to witness these tightening, toning and firming results (duh, your stomach, your thighs… ummm... your brain maybe!).

So… you ensure this body wrap stays on your intended body part with a tight fitted clothing, their Fab Wrap tape... which... they sell separately of course! (the sole purpose of the Fab Wrap tape is so that you can wrap it around the body wrap to keep it in place)

it works fab wrap tapes

Now, you’re supposed to wear this applicator or body wrap for a period of 45 minutes.

So if you’ve got any major plans in the next 45 minutes, they suggest using this product on some other day (or not entirely as I suggest!) because you probably don’t want to look like a walking piece of plastic ravioli in front of your nearest and dearest.

One upside is the It Works body wrap does list all the ingredients that are used in their lotion/cream.

Nonetheless, and not surprisingly, it fails to mention *HOW OR WHY* The Ultimate Body Applicator actually works or the science behind this miraculous cloth wrap.

The only information that is provided is that contrary to other body wraps that lead to weight loss on account of water loss, this body wrap uses its lotion/cream to help you with your tightening, toning and firming results.

As much as I wanted to believe, at least for the purpose of this review that the It Works body wrap could help me shape my body, it… well, didn’t. Not even a pound.

My regular readers know that I see and review a lot of products marketed with ambiguous taglines and meanings, products that enshroud themselves behind mirrors and smoke screens, but very few of these products actually end up having any long-lasting effects.

You'd most definitely have a better chance trying to hit the gym thrice a week and focusing on eating healthy instead of looking like you just covered yourself with some Saran Wrap!

The company also recommends drinking a lot of water when you use the body wrap but with the recent cultural wave of gym-goers, any layman who can pick up a dumbbell could tell you that… that’s how generic this advice sounds.

3. It Works Skin Care Products – Yep They Got That Too!

Moving forward to their line of skin care products…

it works skin care products

Yeah, the whole shebang. They've got a facial masks, a toner, a cleanser, a cream for stretch marks and two creams for anti-aging and a couple other products in this domain. 

Honestly speaking, I am more than willing to buy a skincare product that's going to help me rejuvenate my skin by exfoliating oil or dry skin, thus I am willing to truly give some of their skincare products the benefit of the doubt.

However, just like I know that a magic pill won't help me lose weight, I highly doubt a cream could help me get rid of my lines and wrinkles

I firmly believe that active steps could be taken to minimize these lines and wrinkles or conceal them for a short period of time, but I don't think a 'skin care' product could help me stop or reverse the process of aging.

A healthy, decently clean diet + regular intake of clean water + getting a good sleep every night will probably do you more good (READ: much more good) than any of these skin care products... whether the product is from the It Works line or any of your over the counter skin care products.

They also have a line of products, ironically named as, wait for it… the ‘Greens’.

green products

Here at Skinny Bonny we have another three-word slogan for these type of “green products” - ‘alkalize, balance and detoxify with Greens’.

I will say that all these taglines are the works of a very brilliant sales and marketing team.

This green blend is a whopping blend of 52 herbs. With 52 herbs in one product, I guess it’s safe to say that at least 5 of them are going to do you some good.

It is actually a dietary supplement, available in 3 flavors - chocolate, berry, and orange; that you can gulp down with water, but the general rule of thumb applies… that is, do not use it as a meal replacement and drink plenty of water during the day.

It’s probably the only product on their line that I wouldn't shun completely in my review because a dietary supplement can actually do you some good as long as you don't skip any of your other meals.

And finally...

Of course they have a line of products named ‘Lifestyle’ - which includes protein shakes, energy drinks, pro-biotics, Omega-3 capsules and some other obscurely titled capsules that I wouldn’t really recommend trying.

The reason is of course, the exorbitantly high price!

So my advice is constant - save your time and (a lot of your) money by sticking to a healthy, decently clean diet and a workout program that fits your schedule.

It Works may have some short-term effects but in the long term, nothing that is packed in a wrap, or a capsule is going to be beneficial.

4. It Works Body Wraps Customer Reviews & Complaints

So when I first heard that It Works is an MLM company, I was pretty sure that I’d get the usual ‘rainbows and unicorns’ review all over the web!

And I was… wrong!

There are some pretty pissed off It Works complaints from their customers.

I mean there are over 400 complaints and negative feedbacks on BBB for them.

Here’s a few of them, totally unedited:

This complaint is pretty fresh, click to read...

This was a complaint on the BBB site - on August 21, 2018. The company did respond to the user, but it wasn’t satisfactory, and the user pressed on for a refund. Whether he/she will get it is a different issue!

Here’s another one from August itself…

This one was the standard auto-billing nightmare...

And if that was bad, have a look at this next one…

This customer got something they never wanted in the first place...

The above customer had to mail them multiple times before getting her refund (god knows whether she even got it).

Then, I also found out couple of popular YouTubers talking about It Works... here's their video review...

And if that was bad...
there are over 400 It Works complaints on the BBB site!

It became so horrible that the BBB has now put up a WARNING on their site about this company.

And I‘m not saying a company, specifically a company that’s working in the weight loss industry will not have negative reviews, but the important thing is WHAT are the reviews and users complaining about?

If they’re complaining about your scam business practices, then that’s a HUGE red flag for my readers.

In short – NO way would I recommend you girls reading this right now to go and buy this company’s products! You girls already know how much I hate all these MLM companies!(check out another such MLM product in my Plexus review.)

5. Now, My Personal Review Of That Crazy Body Wrap

So I got that crazy wrap thing back in March 2018, no thanks to my nosey neighbor.

However, thankfully, since I knew about their scammy practices I was able to avoid their auto shipping cycle.

I sincerely wanted to review the body wrap so I could tell you girls about it.

And guess what… that crazy wrap thing did… NOTHING.


Nothing, nada, not even an inch of “toning”, not even a pound dropped. Results in 45 minutes they say… well, I used it over 15 days, but nothing.

Of course I wasn’t surprised as I was expecting exactly that.

So here’s a piece of practical advice you’ll find in almost all my blog posts:


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What matters is:

1. By hook or crook - whether you ingest less energy (food) than you expend (burn).

2. And whether you have some real life habits to ensure... the above!

That’s it folks. NOTHING else matters.

You take ONE, single habit (one small, tiny change) in your life and you keep doing it until it becomes a no-brainer in your life.

THEN, you take a second habit… and so on.

You keep repeating this cycle for months and if you do it foe just a year, you see a new you in front of the mirror.

Hoping, praying, begging, wanting, dreaming... doesn’t work.

Tiny, small, wee, petit actions work. EVERY time.

6. Forget It Works - These 3 Simple Habits Can Help You Lose Much More Weight Fat!

If you ever read any of my other posts, you know that losing weight fat, is not about fancy body wrap things or products with awesome packaging.

Rather, it's always been about the simplest (read:free) things.

And not surprisingly, all these fancy body wrap companies like It Works WON’T talk about these things.

Don't believe me? Good.

Here's a challenge for you, just pick any ONE habit from the following three, and diligently follow it for just one month. Then come back and tell me what happened!

HABIT 1: Water and hydration therapy

HABIT 2: Cut Out ALL Sodas, Fruit Juices & Alcohol From Your Life!

HABIT 3: Forget That Crazy Wrap Thing, Embrace That Fiber Thing!


So that’s that folks. It Works has a HUGE marketing army on their side, blatantly promoting their crazy wrap thing and other silly products.

But here's what I say to them... thanks but...

it works scam

So before we end this review, let me summarize everything about the It Works body wraps and that crazy body wrap thing in 5 bullet points:

  • No, It Works body wrap does not work. Period. You can trust me and other reviewers like the ones above, or you can waste many a $, get trapped in their auto-billing scam, and then find it out yourself.
  • That crazy body wrap thing is exactly as it sounds – crazy! You do not ‘need’ it to lose weight.
  • Once a company sees (scammy) success in one industry, that’s when they make their jump to another… enter the make-up and other “health products”. Avoid. Period.
  • If YOU wish to lose weight, follow my two step advice: Find a method to eat less (or burn more, as end result is same). Form habits that will help you do step one. Repeat… till you get to where you want to be.
  • Read the above point... at least 3 times!

And now, if you wish to take action on something that *really* works...

Download my It Works Body Wrap Alternative - The 8 simple habits that you can start doing TODAY, which will give you better weight loss results in just 30 days than any body wrap or other magic thingy!

It's a simple PDF file that you can download and read offline too...

FAQ - Frequently Asked It Works Questions

Q: What is It Works?
It Works is a US based company that produces "wellness" products. Which means it started with dubious weight loss products, made millions, then moved to other dubious products!

Q: How Do The It Works Wraps Work?
They tell you to apply the body wrap for a while, and then it shrinks fat. I don't think I need to explain the ridiculousness in this. In short - save your money.

Q: How Much Do The It Works Wrap Cost?
100's of dollars! It's an addictive thing. You buy the body wrap, next thing you know, you've purchased their green products, skin care, etc.

My advice - you don't need these overpriced products. You'll get the SAME things/ingredients in generic brands for 1/4th of the price these people charge you for.

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