Insanity Workout – The Complete Review

Is The Mad Man, Shaun T’s Insane Workout, Worth It?

Beach Body has definitely hit a home run with their extremely popular HIIT workout, the Insanity workout. It has sold over a couple of million copies in the last 4-5 years.

But… is this workout right for YOU? Check out our review to find out…

Crazy Shaun T, yeah, he sure is, has claimed that the Insanity workout is the hardest workout to be put on DVD. Shaun confesses that initially he wasn’t sure anyone would be interested in such an insane and intense workout. But there are many crazy people who have proved him wrong!

Insanity workout is a craze. Insanity workout needs no equipments. It is an “at home” workout, which uses only your body weight.

But though the Insanity workout can be done in the comforts of your home, Shaun will promise you, it sure won’t be comfortable.

Many people complain about how they don’t have time. DVD workouts are here to solve that problem.

This workout has compressed a year long workout effort into a program of just 60 days. In just two months you will have a transformed worth showing off. Lose fat, build muscle or just transform your body, this workout will help you get your desired body.

Insanity workout has two stages, divided into 30 days each. The first month will have five sets of workouts, a Fitness test, Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Intense Cardio and Resistance training, Cardio Recovery and Only Cardio. The first 30 days are very tough.

But, they are just preparing you for the next 30 days, which will have you panting and gasping for air. These workouts last only about 30-35 minutes long, as the workouts are basically based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), but in reverse.

Insanity workout is all about pushing your body to its maximum capacity and doing as many repetitions in the state with very little rests between sets. But don’t worry, Shaun will keep you motivated no matter what. All he requests from you is pure dedication.

A fitness test is performed spaced two weeks apart to check your progress. Before moving on to the second month of the program, there is a phase in which Shaun wants you to do Cardio recovery.

Insanity Workout Group

This aren’t as tough as the first 30 days, however this serves as conditioning for the next part of the insanity workout.

The next 30 days will have you working out about an hour for each workout. This is where the program becomes very difficult to complete. The workouts are harder and longer.

You will sweat like never before. But if you “last” the first 30 days, you must be crazy enough to enjoy this grueling workout.

This workout has workouts such as Maximum Interval Plyometric, Maximum Interval Circuit training, Intense Cardio Conditioning and Maximum Recovery. Each of the workouts is very intense and makes you blast fat.

This program also gives you a diet plan. The diet plan is quite sensible and provides recipes which will give you energy for going through with those workouts. They are more protein +carb heavy which makes sense since you will need all the energy you can get…

The best part of this diet plan is that they do not encourage or make you dependent on diet pills to slim down. (By the way, here’s a previous post where I review the top 5 current diet pills).

When compared to other popular Beachbody workouts like P90x series, hip hop abs, power 90 and the like, Insanity workout can be considered much more intense.

However, you will be done with the Insanity workout program in 60 days, whereas other programs require about 90 or more days. The only possible problem with this program is that it can be too difficult for some. You must always consult your doctor before starting such intense workouts.

But there are many toned and transformed users who will vouch for this program.

You can buy this program online on Beachbody’s official website, which will get you a pack of 10 DVDs, a diet plan and a workout schedule. If you are determined to transform and want to have sure results, you must try the Insanity Workout by Shaun T.

You also get a money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the results. Moreover you also get a 30 days trail version of the workout. So you have nothing to lose but your fat and weight!

Calories burned by the Insanity workout

Now, let’s see how many calories you burn while doing the Insanity workout!

A calorie in the technical language is the amount of energy you would require to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree.

So how does it apply in the domain of weight loss, especially while doing this insane workout?

(Approximate) our body requires about 3500 calories to convert into one pound of fat. This fat is stored in your body just so you can survive for some time even you do not get food to eat. Nowadays, as the availability of food is quite generous, this storage of fat is not actually required.

So in order to lose weight, you are required to create a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is achieved when the calories you consume are less than the calories you use.

So to lose about a pound each week, you will have to create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories a week. Now, considering it sounds easy, creating a big calorie deficit will only harm you.

Our body if faced with low calorie intake over an extended period of time, will go into starvation mode and will store whatever food you intake.

This is done so that the body can prepare for the uncertainty of the availability of food. Hence you must have a controlled calorie deficit, so that you can lose weight and have a healthy body at the same time.

This is where exercise comes in. Instead of drastically reducing the food intake, support your calorie deficit by burning calories while exercising.

The Insanity workout is an “at home” workout which promises to transform your body in just 60 days. This workout program is considered the ultimate cardio workout and is quite extreme. This program consists of modified aerobic exercises, which are performed daily.

The idea is to perform as many exercises as possible at an elevated heart rate and take very short breaks. This helps in blasting of calories per workout while helping the body burn calories even after the workout. The workout program is divided into two phases, each of 30 days.

The first phase is quite tough, while the second phase is much tougher. Beginners might want to consult their doctors before starting this program, and also tailoring the workout to meet their fitness level. It is essential to start under the guidance of a trainer or professional.

The insanity workout is considered an highly extreme workout, and justly so.

For example, the Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance workout itself can burn about 872 calories in a sing workout. The workout lasts for only 40 minutes. Typically any of the workouts that last about 40 minutes, burn about 800 calories on an average.

The fitness Test that is available with the insanity workout which lasts for only 25 minutes burns 500 calories itself. So, just imagine how you will look after 60 days with this workout. These numbers may obviously differ from person to person based on age, gender and fitness level.

An obese person may burn more calories per minute as compared to a fit person. For example, if the fit person burn about 10 calories per minute, the obese person may burn 15 calories per minute.

The Insanity workout takes a heavy toll on the body by burning so many calories.

The workout must be properly supplemented too. Your diet should give you energy to help your body recover and withstand the calories burned. The diet plan provided with the Insanity workout purchase is sufficient enough for planning your daily diet. It also has a list of protein supplements that will help your muscles.

Now that you know how intense or insane this workout it, Hope you will be able to make an informed decision.

Insanity versus the P90X extreme

Now let’s have a battle of the two most popular and extreme workouts from Beach body! And let’s find out which one will suit you…

If you have ever searched for any workout plan online, you would have surely been presented with these workouts from Beach body.

Both workout programs are quite tough and promise you a body transformation in as little as 60-90days. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you can opt for either of the two workouts.

However, beginners might want to try out the fitness tests for each workout, so that it can help you decide where you stand. Let’s see the similarities and differences between the Insanity workout and the P90x workout series.

The insanity workout, created by Shaun T, lasts for 60 days (I say ‘last’ because most people don’t ‘last’ the whole 60 days!). It compresses a yearlong workout effort into a program of just 60 days. The P90x workout, created by Tony Horton, however lasts about 90 days.

The insanity workout requires no equipment and can be considered as an extreme aerobic or cardio workout. The only weight you require is your bodyweight. It is divided into two phases of 30 days each separated by a week of cardio recovery and conditioning.

The P90x workout requires equipments such as dumbbells with different weights and a pull up bar. The 90 days program is divided into 3 blocks.

There are three types of p90x programs; the Classic-which is a regular program, Doubles- which includes more cardio exercises in addition to the ones in classic program and the Lean-which focuses more on toning your body and less on strength training.

Both the workout programs have traditional exercises, but which are modified to suit the goal of their respective workouts.

The workouts you get in the Insanity workout are: Fit Test, Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Power and Resistance, Cardio Recovery, Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs, Core Cardio and Balance, Max Interval Circuit and Fit Test, Max Interval Plyo, Max Cardio Conditioning and Cardio Abs and Max Recovery.

These workouts are based on HIIT, but in reverse. There are quick short bursts of repetitions and very short breaks. The first phase of 30 days will have all the workouts without the word “Max” in them.

The second phase i.e. the Max workouts are a lot tougher and will make you sweat like never before. The insanity workouts focus primarily on cardio and elevated heart rates and not much attention is given to strength.

Shaun T is a very motivational speaker, but doesn’t make the users understand why exactly they are doing the particular workout. The insanity workout thrives on the human will power.

The more balanced P90x workout has Tony guiding us through the following workouts which are divided over three blocks: Chest and Back, Plyometrics, Shoulders and Arms, Legs and Back, Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Back and Biceps, Ab Ripper X, Cardio X, Yoga X (recovery program), Kenpo X (recovery program), X Stretch (recovery program) and Core Synergistics (recovery program). The P90x focuses on all fitness aspects such as strength, stamina while toning your entire body.

The trainer, Tony Horton does a wonderful job at keeping the users motivated. He also has thorough knowledge about the entire workout. The P90x series has three programs so far, which means they are tried and tested workouts.

When it comes to choosing between the two, there are a number of parameters you will need to consider. Factors like time, your fitness level, will power and availability of equipments will decide which program you should opt for.

Insanity Workout Group

For example, if you have enough time daily, and have access to a gym or have dumbbells at home, and can be considered a beginner or intermediate when it comes to fitness level, you should go for P90x.

Insanity workout is for more experienced users as beginners would struggle in the beginning. However, if you have less time and you want to lose fat fast, you should go for Insanity.

But in either case, you should have dedication to follow through with the program. You can order the Insanity workout or the P90x program for about $120 from Beachbody’s official website.


There’s no doubt that when you add just about any workout to your dieting and fat loss journey, the results will ALWAYS be positive. With that said, if you are able to perform either of the two above fantastic routines AND you are able to combine either of them with my 5 simple tips to lose ugly fat, you will benefit A LOT, and for the long term.


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