The Skinny On Dr. Robert Atkins Diet

The Skinny On Dr. Robert Atkins Diet

It was 8 in the morning. Julie was running late for college. So she scampered down the stairs, bid goodbye to her mom and left the house.

This is a common scenario in every house. But there is a twist in this story. Julie purposely got late so that she can skip her breakfast without getting a scolding from her mother.

She is taking all these troubles just to lose some excess weight she’s gained during the holidays. A few days ago she got to know the college diva’s diet plan and now she also wants to become like her (just like every other girl). Yes, Julie is a ‘mirror’ of most of the girls.

They all are ready to do anything to become slim. But they just follow blindly what others do.

It is a good habit to keep yourself healthy and fit. But for that on the first place we have to understand that as we all are different from each other, so are our bodies.

Each body may react differently to a particular diet plan. Each body has its own way of losing weight. So we just need to find out the appropriate way for our bodies, or else the result may come out very different which you may not like.

Dr. Robert C. Atkins was a well known cardiologist. He experimented on his patients by controlling their intake of carbohydrate and sugar.

The result was remarkable. The patients, who were not able to lose their weight even after following low calorie diet, were able to lose weight and maintain it. The basic problem with people is that they totally restrict themselves from carbohydrate and sugar.

But they are important for the body. As a result after certain time they crave for it and eventually have it.

So with these ups and downs of sugar levels the fat storage increases and as a result it becomes difficult to lose weight. With Dr. Atkins approach the sugar level is steady and the body burns fat which includes body fat, for fuel. Hence there is less fat storage and as a result it is easier to lose weight.

Atkins Diet is a 4-Phase Plan. The first phase of Atkins Diet is called the Induction Phase. In this phase one has to take carbohydrates under 20 gram everyday for 2 weeks. But he can have high fat and high protein along with low carbohydrate vegetables. This is the beginning of the weight losing process.

The second phase is known as the Balancing Phase. In this phase one has to start eating nuts and more low carbohydrate vegetables along with fruits.

The next phase that is the third phase is known as the Fine Tuning Phase. In this phase when the person is very close to his desired weight, he has to add more carbohydrate to his diet which will eventually slow down the weight loss.

The final phase is Maintenance. Here the person can have any amount of carbohydrate without regaining weight.

In Atkins diet certain foods are a complete no-no. Those may include carrots, turnips, bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, potatoes in the induction period. Others may include soft drinks, cakes, fruit juices, wheat, rice, soyabean oil, corn oil and the ‘Diet’ and ‘Low-fat Foods’ as they contain a high amount of sugar. It is only during the Induction Phase which is of 2 weeks; the intake of healthier carbohydrate should be minimal.

After that phase, higher carbohydrate vegetables, fruits, potatoes, berries can be added back to the diet.

The foods which one can eat while following Atkins Diet are any type of meat, fish, eggs, butter and cheese, low carbohydrate vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and asparagus. The drinks which are allowed on Atkins Diet are water, green tea and coffee.

So these sums up the Atkins Diet and you know what it’s not that difficult also. After all we get to have all our favorite foods. So all the boys and Girls out there follow these simple steps, enjoy your food, have fun and in no time you will be in your desired shape.

Although there have been certain critics of the Atkins Diet who say that the diet is too restrictive, and makes the dieter crave for carbohydrates after a certain period.

An alternative suggested by these critics is to opt for a diet that’s a balance between the Atkins and the Paleolithic diet, which takes the ‘good stuff’ from both these diets. Suggestion include the Paleo diet itself (source), the Beyond Diet (source), or the low carb diet (source).

To conclude, none of these diets is going to automatically work for everyone. One has to find a balance between these and their bodies, taking into account how their bodies react to them and then adjusting accordingly.

The secret is, to continue relentlessly until you find one that you can stick with, for years t come, for better health and better fitness.


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